Google removed tens of millions of Covid-19 related ads

Google has blocked and removed tens of millions of ads related to the Covid-19 pandemic in recent months, having removed a total of 2.7 billion bad ads in 2019, the company announced today.

We have blocked and removed tens of millions of coronavirus- related ads in recent months for policy violations, including high prices, which take advantage of the global shortage in the supply of medical products, which make claims that mislead and promote illegitimate benefits”, said Google in a statement.

Google has a task force dedicated exclusively to the Covid-19 pandemic, which works 24 hours a day “to develop new detection technologies and improve application systems to stop policy violations”.

“We have thousands of people working on our teams to ensure the protection of our users and the creation of a secure ecosystem for advertisers and publishers,” said Google.

In 2019, the technology company removed 2.7 billion bad ads, about 5,000 per minute, suspended nearly a million advertiser accounts, and closed more than 1.2 million publisher accounts, with the removal of over 21 million web pages for policy violations.


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