Google’s free alternative to Zoom has already been announced

Google announced this Wednesday, the 29th, the availability of the videoconferencing platform Google Meet free of charge for Everyone, which until now was only available to business customers and schools.

In a statement, the technology giant says that Meet was designed and built to work safely on a large scale”, noting that since January there has been a daily peak in the use of the platform “growing 30 times”.

“This month we are receiving three billion minutes of video conferencing and adding three million users every day”

Last week, the number of “daily meeting participants at Meet exceeded 100 million”.

“Today, we are making Google Meet – our top videoconferencing product – free for everyone and with its availability happening over the next few weeks,” says the company.

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The availability of this videoconference platform takes place in the context of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which led to a large increase in the distance meetings as a way to mitigate the spread of the virus worldwide.

“We’ve invested years to make Meet a secure and credible video conferencing solution trusted by schools, governments, and businesses around the world. In the past few months, we’ve accelerated the availability of some of the most requested features to make it even more useful,” adds Google.

“From the beginning of May, anyone with an email address can register on the Meet and enjoy many of the same features that are available to our business users including the simple scheduling and sharing screen, subtitles in real-time, and the layouts that adapt to your preferences, including the expanded mosaic view “etc.

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The start of the expansion of the platform to all is scheduled “from May 4 ” and will be gradual.

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