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Grand Theft Auto IV receives Next-Gen treatment by modders

The Rockstar game is still a favorite of the scene

Although Grand Theft Auto V has become a monster on the market, the community of Grand Thaft Auto IV enthusiasts is still active and one of the goals over the years has been to offer a graphically enhanced experience for those who enjoy this game on PC. Well, a new project seeks to give a new generation touch to the story of Niko Belic in Liberty City and they recently presented their first trailer.

The group of modders BisonSales revealed the first video that accounts for their improvement project Grand Theft Auto IV for PC, which will present changes in the visual section with an increase in the quality of the textures, greater attention to visual details and work on the lighting sections. The project, called RevIVe, relies on the iCEnhancer 4 mod to turn Grand Theft Auto IV into a remastering that could well be available to the new generation.

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So far, the RevIVe project has only shown its progress, so its tools are not yet available. Also, the BisonSales team reported that they work on it in their spare time, so there is still time to have the mod in a version that can be used by PC users.

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