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Halo Infinite designer joins Darksiders studio

Kolbe Payne spent almost 2 years in the studio as a level and gameplay developer

The video game industry continues to move. The new year has just started and a 343 Industries developer has decided to start it with an important change, as he revealed that he left the studio to undertake a new stage in one of the developers in charge of Darksiders.

Developer Kolbe Payne made it known through his social media that he just left his job as a gameplay and campaign level designer at Microsoft studio 343 Industries. According to the creative, today, January 8, was his last day in the studio, after a work period with contractual modality that began in April 2019.

The developer said goodbye to the studio where he worked for almost 2 years with a couple of images in which he is seen in the office of 343 Industries with a statue of the Master Chief behind him. “See you later this year, Master Chief,” commented the developer, who hopes to play the debut of the new installment of the series as a fan.

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Kolbe Payne to join a THQ Nordic studio

Shortly before his departure from the studio, Payne mentioned that he is “excited for the future” and informed his followers that his next step in his career will be to work at Gunfire Games, a development studio located in Austin, Texas, better known for his work on Darksiders III, the last installment in the main series.

Gunfire Games was the studio in charge of also developing the games released in 2019 and 2020 Remnant: From the Ashes and Chronos: Before the Ashes, respectively. No new Gunfire Games project is known as of yet, so it’s hard to know which game Payne will start working on, but he will do so as a Junior Level Designer at this studio.

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