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Hatsune Miku inspires a spectacular custom computer

Those who need inspiration for their work or entertainment space may want to turn to the company. PC Beagle. This Hokkaido-based company specializes in second-hand electronics, and has been using its official Twitter account primarily to showcase the items it offers. The staff finally saw the light of social media viralization when they shared one of their most recent work: a custom Hatsune Miku computer.

The transparent case of the equipment shows a quite spectacular interior, whose centerpiece is a figure of the Infinity Module Hatsune Miku on a turntable. There is also a cute animation of Miku dancing on the water block. Not surprisingly, the video has attracted a lot of attention for PC Beagle, including requests for other customizations. PC Beagle clarified that they do not accept mail-order orders for custom computers, nor will they market them to specific licensed characters. However, that does not mean that one cannot create a similar item in one of these establishments, but that one will simply have to submit their own figure and animation if interested.

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