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Hedge funds spark optimism in the crypto market

98% believe they will invest in digital assets over the next 5 years.

A new survey by Intertrust Global found that the vast majority of hedge fund CEOs is confident of investing in cryptocurrencies for the next 5 years. On average, the average allocation of 7.2% of portfolios to the crypto market is expected, although 1 in 6 acknowledged that they expect to dump more than 10%.

“The overwhelming majority (98%) expect their hedge fund to invest in cryptocurrencies within five years, “the report notes.
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According to specialists, the trend reflects a paradigm shift when thinking about crypto investments. The speculative nature has been reduced considerably since the coronavirus pandemic, and digital assets are increasingly emerging as a viable option to reserve value in a global inflationary context.

Jonathan White, global director of fund sales at Inter trust Group, explained in the study that the role of CFOs will be critical in setting the stage for investors to perform at market level.

“They will have to really make sure they have those controls in place to make investors feel comfortable. If one in six expects to invest more than 10% in cryptocurrencies, then one in six should be prepared for that investment,” explained White.

A few weeks ago, the Financial Times conducted a similar survey, where it also marked an average allocation of 7% for 2026. The role of cryptocurrencies in both retail and corporate investment strategies is growing, and even several benchmarks of the financial system traditional begin to mark it.

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