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Hong Kong Police Detain 180 Protesters Under New Controversial Security Law

What Happened?

Hong Kong police said they detained at least 180 people, including seven under the new national security law, after thousands of protesters on Wednesday challenged the march ban on the anniversary of the return of the territory to China.

Hong Kong’s state security law, adopted on Tuesday, allows four types of crimes against state security to be repressed: subversive activities, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces to jeopardize national security.

Broad Police Deployment

Hong Kong police deployed an important device on city streets on Wednesday, celebrating the 23rd anniversary of their return to China by the United Kingdom.

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The march in which Hong Kong people traditionally participate on the occasion of this event was first prohibited by the authorities.

About the detainees, the police reported on their Twitter account that these people were arrested for “participating in unauthorized meetings, disorderly conduct, possession of weapons and other offenses,” stating that there are seven arrested “suspected of having violated the law of National security”.

A few hours earlier, police announced that a man in possession of a pro-Hong Kong independence flag became the first detainee under the new law enacted yesterday by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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