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How it has been for MicroStrategy to invest in bitcoin

The firm was a pioneer in institutional investments in bitcoin and today presents extraordinary profits.

MicroStrategy announced yesterday a new investment in bitcoin (BTC) and the success of its financial strategy has once again been in evidence. The firm led by Michael Saylor has been a pioneer in institutional investments in the leading cryptocurrency, and in less than a year it already records profits of more than 2 billion dollars.

As announced by Saylor himself on his Twitter account, the firm added 3,907 new BTC to its balance after a $ 177 million roll-over; which yields a value of USD 45,294 per BTC. The operation, carried out last month, adds a total of 108,992 BTC to the company’s coffers.

Since MicroStrategy began investing in BTC – in times when the price was less than USD 20K – the software company has placed 2.9 billion dollars. The confidence of its top strategist, and the support of the rest of the board of directors, led the firm on an unprecedented adventure, which in less than 12 months shows incredible results.

While BTC is trading just above $ 48,500, the total capitalization of MicroStrategy’s crypto reserves scales to more than $ 5.2 million, representing a total gain of more than 80%.
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However, at times when BTC was down, Saylor himself dispelled the rumors that positioned him as a financial speculator and assured that, regardless of the good results in sight, his company’s financial strategy is “long-term “. In that sense, everything seems to indicate that the returns will continue to add up.

Imagining that the firm will not make new investments until BTC reaches its historical maximum – registered at USD 64,400 in mid-April – Saylor and company will have a capitalization of more than 7 billion dollars; almost triple what they have placed on the market.

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