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How to get your first cryptocurrencies for free

Guide for those who want to enter the crypto ecosystem without making an investment.

Entering the crypto ecosystem can be overwhelming. There is a lot of information and you have to read, learn and study how cryptocurrencies work to make your first investment.

The questions that every beginning investor asks are almost always the same: how do I buy? Who do I deposit the money with? With what money do I buy? Do I use dollars? What value do they take it from me? Where do I deposit my cryptocurrencies and where do I keep them? There are many questions and although there are simple answers for all of them -we will answer all those questions in another guide shortly-, this time we will focus on how to get your first cryptocurrencies without making an investment.

Yes, you read that correctly: how to earn crypto assets without risking your capital.

The option we present is ideal for those who are just starting out and want to test how cryptocurrencies work, how to use a wallet, and even how to make your first crypto transactions.

For some time, more precisely about 5 years, there has been a web browser called Brave. Launched for Windows, iOS, Android and Linux in 2019, the browser created by programmer Brendan Eich is based on Chromiun – the basis of Google’s popular Chrome – and is open source. The particularity of Brave, through its Brave Rewards program, is that it rewards its users with cryptocurrencies.

We all know that the “internet”, like traditional media, lives off advertising. Or rather, from the sale of advertisements. The sites sell advertising space those users, although most of the time inadvertently, consume or see. Brave, on the one hand, blocks those advertisements, making browsing through the sites more pleasant and fluid. But on the other, through the consent of the user, it replaces some of those blocked advertisements with its own. And for allowing you to do that, Brave Rewards rewards you with cryptocurrencies, more precisely a token -cryptoactive- called BAT (Basic Attention Token).

These BAT tokens, which work on the Ethereum blockchain, accumulate day by day in a counter within the browser and are “charged” once a month.

In order to claim your rewards / cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to link a wallet to the browser, where the BATs accumulated during the month will be deposited. The good thing is that Brave is associated with the Uphold wallet, a fairly simple wallet to use. It will be a matter of simply creating a user in said wallet, linking it, verifying the account, and that’s it.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get your first cryptocurrencies, for free.

  1. The first thing is to download, for free, the Brave browser
  2. Then, we can enter Uphold, create an account -also free- and follow the steps to verify it (they are just a couple of emails to verify that the user is real)
  3. The next step is to link the wallet / purse / wallet that we have created in Uphold, with Brave. The procedure is very simple, you just have to click on the Brave icon in the navigation bar and follow the instructions. Then it will have to be verified.
  1. We must then enter the Brave Rewards settings (Brave Rewards Settings, after clicking on the Brave icon in the navigation bar) to tell the browser that we accept to receive ads in exchange for BATs. It is important that, at least in the first months, we deactivate the “Automatic Contributions” option; so that what we accumulate we can collect in full. Otherwise, a portion of what we have accumulated will be deducted to “pay” – make contributions – to the sites we visit.


  1. The same Brave Rewards Settings screen shows the date of the first “pay day”, the day on which rewards earned throughout the month will be deposited into your Uphold account. Generally, BATs are credited to Uphold one day later than the indicated date.

The rewards that Brave pays for browsing , that is, for using it at least 30 days in a row, generally range from 1 to 3 BAT per month, on average. At the time of writing this note, 1 BAT equals USD 0.8 so no one is going to be a millionaire using this method. But once deposited in our Uphold wallet, the BATs can be exchanged / converted, without any cost or commission, to any other cryptocurrency, be it BTC , ETH, ADA , DOGE and even USDT. So it is a good option to start to become familiar with the ecosystem, learn to use a wallet, “hodle” our first satoshis (the minimum unit of bitcoin), or make the first “trades”.


This article is NOT sponsored content. The concepts expressed are merely informative and do not constitute an investment recommendation. INA is not responsible for the use or possible capital losses that may be caused by using the tools mentioned here.

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