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How to watch $150K CoD Vanguard TST Prosim Invitational: Streams, format, teams

Another massive Call of Duty Vanguard event is locked in as Team Summertime is set to host the $150,000 Prosim Invitational. From when it all kicks off to the teams competing, here’s a full rundown of all there is to know.

  • $150,000 prize pool among the biggest in Vanguard.
  • Team Summertime hosting with BoomTV.
  • Top CDL talent expected to compete.

CoD Vanguard’s offseason may be the most lucrative of all time as major tournaments just keep on coming. Hot off the heels of a $50K event from Crimsix, followed by a $110K eFuse tourney, TST is next in line with their own $150K competition.

Eight of the most stacked lineups are set to compete for one of the biggest prize pools yet and we’ve got you covered with everything there is to know.

$150K TST Prosim Invitational: Streams & Schedule

The $150K CoD Vanguard event is all set to go live at 12PM PT | 3PM ET on Tuesday, November 30. 

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As you would expect, Team Summertime’s Hitch, Blake, and Jorge will be keeping the vibes flowing on their own channel throughout. Though the official BoomTV Twitch stream should also feature dedicated coverage on the day to keep on top of every match.

All the top competitors are sure to be streaming their own POVs directly as well.

$150K CoD Vanguard TST Prosim Invitational: Format

Little is known about the Prosim Invitational format for the time being. While eight teams are set to clash for $150,000, it’s unclear just what they’ll be doing. If this tournament follows a similar structure to recent events, it’s safe to expect a double-elimination bracket with teams competing in a mix of Hardpoint and S&D.

We’ll keep you posted right here as full details emerge.

$150K CoD Vanguard TST Prosim Invitational: Players & Teams

There’s been no shortage of major Vanguard tourneys since release, with most of the CDL’s biggest names competing in almost every single one.

While exact lineups are yet to be confirmed, we’re sure to see a similar turnout for the TST Prosim Invitational. With $150,000 on the line, CoD’s most popular figures won’t want to miss out.

Check back here over the coming days as we’ll keep you posted with a full list of teams closer to the latest Call of Duty Vanguard event.

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