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How to watch $20K CoD Vanguard Code Red tournament: Stream, format, CDL pros

The first major CoD Vanguard tournament is already locked in as BoomTV is set to drop Call of Duty League pros in with Warzone streamers for the $20K Code Red tournament. Here’s everything you need to know.

  • First competition with Vanguard in the spotlight.
  • $20,000 prize pool on the line.
  • CDL pros teaming with Warzone talent.

With Vanguard just hours away, we won’t have to wait long to see CoD’s top players in a legitimate competition. BoomTV is already firing on all cylinders with the first $20K Code Red event locked in for launch week.

From which CDL teams are jumping in to how you can watch all the action, here’s a rundown on all there is to know.

$20K CoD Vanguard Code Red Tournament: Stream & Schedule

The $20K Vanguard Code Red event is all set to go live on the official BoomTV Twitch channel from 12PM PT | 3PM ET on Monday, November 8.

As always, a vast majority of CDL pros and Warzone players in the event are sure to be streaming their POVs directly as well.

There’s currently no telling how long the tournament may run for, but expect at least a few hours of intense competition.

$20K CoD Vanguard Code Red Tournament: Format

An exact format is yet to be revealed for the Vanguard event, though we can expect it to follow a standard structure.

It’s likely we’ll see teams compete in a double-elimination bracket all the way through to the Grand Finals.

We’ll keep you up to date right here if any surprising variations are thrown in at the last minute.

$20K CoD Vanguard Code Red Tournament: Teams & Players

The first major Vanguard tournament is set to feature a wide array of CoD’s top talent. Not only are CDL pros getting in on the fun, but so too are many of Warzone’s biggest streamers.

Below is a look at every team locked in for the $20K event thus far. 

  $20K CoD Vanguard Code Red Teams
  CDL Pros Warzone Pros
New York Subliners Crimsix Clayster HyDra UnRational
Toronto Ultra Cammy Bance CleanX Rated
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We’ll keep you updated here with all the latest as more players confirm their rosters for the tournament.

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