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How to watch $25k Twitch Rivals x Swagg Doritos Warzone tournament

Swagg, Twitch Rivals, and Doritos are teaming up for the next installment of their Disrupotro Series by hosting a $25,000 Warzone tournament and a spot in the finals.

The Doritos Disruptor Series featuring Swagg, powered by Twitch Rivals, will be a trio custom lobby tournament played across 6 games with a handful of restrictions and rules set in place.

The new Pacific map for Warzone and Vanguard won’t be integrated into the battle royale until December 9 so this could be one of the final tournaments we see on Verdnask.

Here’s everything you need to know about the $25k Warzone event including the stream, format, schedule, and teams.

$25k Twitch Rivals Doritos Warzone stream

The tournament will be streamed live the Doritos Twitch channel. If you want to check out other POVs then all of the competitions will be streaming from their personal channels.

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Check out the likes of top Warzone players like Aydan, ZLaner, Almond, and more. The tournament kicks off at 12 PM PT (3 PM ET/8 PM BST) on Saturday, November 20.

$25k Twitch Rivals Doritos Warzone format

Warzone season 3 reloaded

Twitch Rivals and Doritos are hosting a 25k Warzone tournament with Swagg in the Disruptor Series.

This tournament will feature 49 trios dropping in on Verdansk, playing 6 custom lobby games, earning a point for each kill as well as trying to place as high as possible for a score multiplier.

We have a full breakdown of the placement multiplier listed below:

  • 1st = 2.2x
  • 2nd-5th = 1.8x
  • 6th-15th = 1.5x
  • 16th-25th = 1.2x
  • 26th+ = 1.0x

While you can check out the tournament page for the full ruleset, here’s a look at some of the main restrictions and changes for this tourney:

  • All players must use the default operator
  • No Riot shields
  • No launchers (including Combat Bow and Crossbows)
  • No shotguns
  • No MG82
  • No Akimbo pistol
  • No snipers
    • Exceptions: HDR, AX-50, and the Tundra
    • Ground loot snipers can be claimed until a loadout is hit
  • No melee weapons
  • Dead Silence and Stopping Power field upgrades cannot be used.
  • No tacticals allowed
    • Exceptions: Smoke grenades, Snapshot grenades, Decoy grenades, and Stims
  • Perks Ghost and Combat Scout cannot be used
  • In the event that the above rules are not followed by any player the offending player will be disqualified from the game and receive zero points for the round
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$25k Twitch Rivals Doritos Warzone teams & players

Warzone map

Verdansk has been the stomping ground for Warzone’s top talent since day one.

This tournament is going to feature some of the top names in Warzone.

While Swagg is guaranteed, we can also expect the likes of Aydan, HusKerrs, ZLaner, and more to be taking the battle for their shot at the first-place prize. We will update you when we get a full list of players competing.

This is one of the final events of Doritos Disruptor Series tournaments, which leads up to the Doritos Bowl later in December. With Swagg at the helm for the Warzone division, other tournaments will feature captains ItsHafu, Tyler1, and iTzTimmy.

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