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How to watch $70K CoD Vanguard Spin The Wheel event: Stream, format, teams

Next in line to host a massive CoD Vanguard launch week event is none other than Team Summertime as $70,000 will be on the line in the upcoming Spin The Wheel tournament.

  • $70,000 prize is the biggest thus far in CoD Vanguard.
  • 32 CoD pros and streamers mixed into random teams.
  • Team Summertime’s Hitch, Blake, & Jorge hosting.

It’s been a busy first week in the CoD Vanguard cycle. Just days into the new release, we’ve already seen plenty of high-stakes tournaments and things are only just getting started.

Keeping the hype rolling is Team Summertime with the biggest prize pool thus far. $70,000 s up for grabs in this unique event and we’ve got all you need to know to keep up with the action.

$70K CoD Vanguard Spin The Wheel event: Streams & Schedule

Team Summertime’s $70K Vanguard tournament is all set to begin at 12PM PT | 3PM ET on Wednesday, November 10.

As you would expect, the TST crew will no doubt be keeping on top of the action through their own broadcast.

But if you’d rather watch a specific POV throughout, all the top CoD pros are sure to be streaming their gameplay on Twitch as well.

$70K CoD Vanguard Spin The Wheel event: Format

TST’s $70K Vanguard won’t function like your usual tournament. Rather than CDL squads loading into each lobby with their usual lineup, all teams have to ‘spin the wheel’ as the name implies.

A total of 32 players are set to compete, with an even split of SMG stars and accurate AR beamers. Two SMG players and two AR players will be randomly grouped together to form an eight team double-elimination bracket. 

$70K CoD Vanguard Spin The Wheel event: Players & Teams

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Little is known about the exact names set to compete in this $70K Vanguard tournament. Though it’s safe to assume all the biggest CoD pros won’t want to miss the opportunity.

With 32 players confirmed to be filling out each team, we’re sure to see many competitors stepping forward over the next few hours.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted right here with full lineups as each player is assigned to a team.

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