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How to watch CoreJJ’s LLA vs NA In-House Tournament: Stream, teams, results

LCS mainstay Jo ‘CoreJJ’ Yong-in is back with another in-house tournament to tide LCS fans over in the offseason. This time, various North American talent will be taking on a team from the Latin American LLA.

The 2022 LCS season is a little over a month away but CoreJJ isn’t leaving fans hanging. After the success of his LCS in-house tournament in late November, the veteran player is hosting a series of show matches between North American talent and players from the LLA, the league that serves Latin America, under the ‘LAN vs NA In-House Tournament’ banner.

Logo of LLA and map of North America over an image of CoreJJ at Worlds 2021
Riot Games/LLA/Wikimedia Commons

A team of LLA players will face a trio of teams comprised of North American talent

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LAN vs NA In-House Tournament: Stream

For the moment, the primary stream for the matches will be CoreJJ’s Twitch, which is embedded below. However, players may be streaming their own perspectives.

LAN vs NA In-House Tournament: Schedule & Results

Each match will be played as a best-of-five.

Date Match PT ET GMT
December 3 LLA 3 – 2 NA Rookies 5PM 8PM 1AM
December 4 LLA 1 – 3 NA Academy 5PM 8PM 1AM
December 5 LLA v LCS 5PM 8PM 1AM

LAN vs NA In-House Tournament: Teams

Four teams are expected to take part in the show matches, though CoreJJ joked in his Twitter announcement that if the LLA team lost to the NA Rookies team, the other two matches wouldn’t go ahead.

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Rainbow7 top laner Roberto ‘Straight’ Guallichico will captain the LLA squad, with many of their opposition yet to be unveiled.

Team Players
LLA Straight, Grell, Leza, ottovaG, Baula
NA Rookies Concept, Gryffin, Shochi, Instinct, Donbray
NA Academy Dhokla, Armao, Rjs, Yeon, Diamond

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