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How to watch Minnesota ROKKR $50k Vanguard tournament: Stream, schedule, teams

Call of Duty League franchise Minnesota RØKKR are hosting a $50,000 CoD Vanguard tournament called Battle of the Champions, with top CDL and Warzone pros taking to the new game to compete for the lion’s share of the prize.

  • $50,000 on the line
  • Top CDL and Warzone pros competing
  • Takes place November 18-19

Call of Duty: Vanguard launched on November 5, and the best CoD players in the world have been playing in multitudes of tournaments to get their early reps in.

With players like Simp and aBeZy still looking dominant, and Warzone veterans proving they’re not just battle royale specialists, these tournaments have made for some interesting matchups. Here’s all the info you need on the ROKKR’s big-money event.

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ROKKR $50k Vanguard tournament stream and schedule

You’ll be able to catch all the action on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel, which will be embedded above when the tournament goes live.

The tournament lasts two days from Thursday, November 18 to Friday, November 19. Expect the days to be shorter, with more concentrated action than the regular one-day tournaments that can stretch well into the night. Both days start at 2 PM PT (5 PM ET/10 PM GMT).

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ROKKR $50k Vanguard tournament format

Across two days, eight teams consisting of CDL and Warzone pros will take to Vanguard, competing in a double-elimination bracket to fight for the victory.

Expect this tournament to follow in the footsteps of other launch tournaments with a best-of-5 format, playing both Hardpoint and Search and Destroy game modes.

ROKKR $50k Vanguard tournament teams

Call of Duty Vanguard Character Firing Weapon Final

Top CDL pros and popular streamers are set to clash in one of the biggest Vanguard events yet.

The teams for ROKKR’s $50k Vanguard Battle of the Champions have not yet been confirmed.

That said, you can expect to see some of the top names from across the CDL and Warzone competing in the tournament. Players such as Simp, aBeZy, Aydan, Tommey, and of course ROKKR’s CDL players are all likely to be taking part.

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Make sure to tune into the tournament from November 18-19 to see which pick-up team secures the grand prize and wins the Battle of the Champions.

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