How “Twilight” managed to go from being a second-rate girl’s movie to one of Hollywood’s best projects

Despite massive criticism from viewers and its small budget, the Twilight saga has managed to become one of the most successful projects in Hollywood. So successful that many filmmakers tried very hard to replicate the so-called “twilight effect,” but frankly very few people have succeeded.

We found out the reasons for such success in a seemingly common teen movie, and found out how the vampire saga influenced movies in general.

Thanks to the vampire saga, we got a series of movies about and for women

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The classic rule of the movie industry says that girls will watch movies made for boys, but boys will not watch movies made for girls. Therefore, films are often shot with the focus on men, and in those films, women play the role of the main award that the hero receives for successfully passing any test. When the vampire saga came out, Hollywood tacitly believed that making a movie for women was a recipe for failure.

Of course, even before Twilight, films had been made purely for women, some of which made extremely large profits for their creators. Just remember Titanic and Charlie’s Angels. However, the commercial success of these projects was seen as an accident, not a pattern. As an argument that proves it, failed films were cited, for example, Elektra or Gatúbela.

Twilight is considered the first saga to show that a film made for women can be a successful commercial project. It is believed that it was precisely this saga that has had a decisive impact on gender equality in the film industry, and not any other film of the same generation.

Although, in essence, it is the same Cinderella story: Bella – a poor, clumsy, and not particularly attractive girl – falls in love with a rich and handsome man, and at the end of the story, she transforms and becomes almost inhumanly attractive. . In general, the opposing images of the men in this saga – the cold Edward and the red-hot Jacob – became almost the basis of the success: this guaranteed that the film would be liked by any woman because, of two such different male heroes, you could choose the one that was to your personal liking.

Since the launch of the first movie on the big screens, the film industry has repeatedly tried to achieve the “twilight effect”, putting a woman at the head of the cast. The most successful attempts have been the sagas of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

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