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HUMANITY delayed, update from the studio that created Tetris Effect

Enhance Experience game to debut as a PlayStation 4 exclusive

In one of the State of Play of 2020, the developer Enhance Experience unveiled HUMANITY, a new title that would come to PlayStation 4 and would support the PlayStation VR. The game had a release scheduled for 2020, but as we approached the final weeks of the year, fans feared it would debut later than planned and the delay was recently made official.

Enhance Experience gained recognition after releasing Tetris Effect originally for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, a game based on the legendary puzzle franchise, but with an interesting twist that appeals to the senses. The new project of the studio is HUMANITY, which is developed in conjunction with the developer Yugo Nakamura, the Japanese design studio THA and Enhance Experience, we remind you that this last study, like Resonair and Synesthesia Lab, was founded by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of Rez, who recently had a birthday.

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You will have to wait longer to be able to play HUMANITY

The game was expected to debut at some point in 2020, but through the game’s social networks and Enhance Experience it was reported that the title suffered a delay and will no longer debut in 2020, something that was seen to come taking into account that we were already in the last days of the year.

“2020 was an unexpected turn for HUMANITY. But 2021 is our year ”, commented the game managers. The reasons for the delay are not specified, but it was possibly a decision that was made due to the impact of the pandemic on the game’s development. Yugo Nakamura added that the title is still under development, specifically trial and error, to improve it.

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So far, judging from the material that Enhance Experience has presented about HUMANITY, it will be necessary to control people to direct them where we want them to go to complete levels. The challenge will increase at the highest levels, as you can even see platforms that drive people.

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