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I have 60% of my investment portfolio in bitcoin. Salinas Pliego

The Mexican businessman increased his percentage in bitcoin sixfold since 2020

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, the third richest man in Mexico and a crypto reference in the Latin American region, was a speaker during the Bitcoin Conference 2022 in Miami and confessed that he has 60% of his investment portfolio in bitcoin (BTC). Just 2 years ago, the businessman began to spread his fanaticism for the leading cryptocurrency and publicly announced that he had decided to pour 10% of his capital there.

“I have 60% in bitcoin and bitcoin stocks and then 40% in hard asset stocks like oil and gas and gold miners, and that’s where I am, “the Mexican released during his speech. As is customary in his messages, he took aim at the traditional financial system and said that the world’s population has been “victims of fiduciary fraud throughout the century.”

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“This fiat religion has its high priests, and you can see them right there. And their religion is not tolerant. They hate anyone who is a heretic. There are a lot of heretics in this room right now,” Salinas added in Miami to a standing ovation.

On the other hand, the president of Grupo Elektra spoke about the central bank digital currencies (CBDC), an instrument in which several countries are already working to digitize their economies. According to Salinas, CBDCs are “much worse than the dollar”, and he assured that “if the CBDC is issued, these people (referring to governments and power groups) will have total control over how they can spend their money”.

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Lastly, Salinas clearly positioned himself for BTC within the crypto ecosystem, and moved away from minor crypto projects. “Buy bitcoin, sell shitcoin. Thank you”, added the businessman to close his speech.

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