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India Exceeds 500,000 Cases of Coronavirus

What Happened?

India exceeded 500,000 infected with coronavirus, according to government figures released on Saturday that show a daily record jump of 18,500 new infections.

The authorities indicated that 385 new fatalities were registered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total balance to 15,685 deaths.

More Than a Million Infected

According to epidemiologists, there are still several weeks to reach the critical point, so the number of infected could exceed one million before the end of July.

The country is in the phase of lack of confidence, but some States are considering the possibility of introducing it again in the face of the increasing number of infections.
Densely populated cities

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And it is that the coronavirus circulates in a worrying way in the densely populated cities, especially in New Delhi, the capital, which with more than 80,000 cases, has surpassed Bombay, so far the most affected, and the local authorities predict that it will reach the half a million affected by the end of July.

The Indian government has been widely criticized for its slowness to carry out diagnostic tests, which, according to detractors, has long hidden the real spread of the epidemic.
Fourth most affected country

With 1.3 billion inhabitants – the second most populous behind China – India is fourth on the list in the number of cases of covid-19, behind the United States, Brazil and Russia, but it presents a much lower balance of deceased.

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All Cities Prepare for the Worst

“Unless we can apply a strict physical distancing mechanism or hard confinement, we are likely to be heading towards a situation where the infection rate will continue to rise,” says Anant Bhan, a public health expert.

The expert considers the possibility of several spikes in the coming months as the pandemic will spread in a “variable way across the country.”

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