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Inori Minase stars in a special video for the novels Umidori Tougetsu no Detarame na Jijou

The editorial Kadokawa posted a special video to promote the new light novels written by Ryouseirui kaeru and illustrated by Natsuki Amaki, Umidori Tougetsu no Detarame na Jijou. The video stars the character Detarame-chan, played in turn by the voice actress Inori minase, in a model Live2D similar to a Virtual YouTuber.

On the other hand, the first volume of this new series of light novels was released on November 25 in Japan through the publishing label MF Bunko J. The story was, in fact, awarded the “Big prize“In the seventeenth edition of the”MF Bunko J Rookie Light Novel Awards“, Which award the potential authors of the publishing label.

Synopsis of Umidori Tougetsu no Detarame na Jijou

“Wallet? Mobile phone? Not even close. What they have stolen from me is a pencil ”. Yoshino Nara, a girl in her class who is a good friend of hers, suddenly asks our protagonist (Umidori Tougetsu) for a mysterious advice. But that was just the beginning of a strange and bizarre story. A mysterious girl in a nekomimi sweatshirt named “Detarame-chan” came to Umidori-san’s house. After a series of loans, betrayals, intimidations, grabs and attacks and begging for life….
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Detarame-chan said, “Umidori-san, will you murder a lie with me?” Our protagonist, without knowing why, decides to cooperate with this mysterious request.

Source: Otakomu

© 両 生 類 か え る (著), 甘 城 な つ き (イ ラ ス ト) / KADOKAWA

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