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International News Today | Top Headlines From November 6, 2021 •

INA News bring you the top 10 headlines to kick start your day and stay on top of the most important International news updates.

Here are the top news and stories in entertainment, sports, technology, gadgets genre from November 6, 2021 •:

1. Astroworld Festival joins a list of historical concert tragedies

November 6, 2021 • Astroworld Festival calls to mind other rare but traumatic incidents at concerts and festivals throughout the last half-century. Here’s a timeline of those tragedies.

2. These 4 college freshmen from India have a remarkable story to tell

November 6, 2021 • They came from families that have faced seemingly insurmountable hardships and were admitted by top U.S. colleges. A school in India gave them their chance.

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3. Health care company cuts ties with Aaron Rodgers after COVID-19 vaccine comments

November 6, 2021 • Prevea Health said the company and the Green Bay Packers star mutually agreed to end a nine-year partnership after Rodgers explained why he’s avoided getting a COVID-19 vaccine endorsed by the NFL.

4. Appeals court temporarily halts Biden vaccine mandate for larger businesses

November 6, 2021 • A federal appeals court on Saturday temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s vaccine requirement for businesses with 100 or more workers.

5. Thousands protest in Glasgow and around the world for action against climate change

November 6, 2021 • With one week of the COP26 conference left, people worldwide participated in protests in support of climate change action. Activists say that pledges to cut carbon emissions don’t go far enough.

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6. Jan. 6 panel: Former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark fails to cooperate in testimony

November 6, 2021 • Former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark appeared for a deposition, but the panel says he failed to cooperate.

7. Opinion: Fine dining on the International Space Station

November 6, 2021 • NPR’s Scott Simon contemplates the growing dining options for astronauts aboard the space station, including tacos, chile and even lobster.

8. An oil tanker truck explodes in Sierra Leone, killing at least 98 and injuring dozens

November 6, 2021 • The explosion took place after a bus struck the tanker near the country’s capital city. Dozens were injured after large crowds gathered to collect leaking fuel, officials and witnesses said.

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9. Democrats are worried about U.S. democracy. They’ve got limited tools to protect it

November 6, 2021 • Democrats and some anti-Trump Republicans are panicked about the impact of the ex-president’s election lies on American democracy. They see worst-case scenarios looming — but few, if any, solutions.

10. To fight climate change, Ithaca votes to decarbonize its buildings by 2030

November 6, 2021 • Decarbonizing involves installing things from solar panels to switching out gas stoves for electric stoves. The effort to decarbonize buildings will cut the city’s carbon dioxide output by 40%.

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