“Invisible shield”: The Device that Promises to Prevent the Spread of Coronaviruses Inside Aircraft

What happened?

The airline industry has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread around the world.

However, in some parts of the planet, where the virus has already reached its peak in terms of infections and deaths, commercial flights begin to resume, although under preventive measures that ensure the health of passengers.

“Invisible shield”

Considering that social distancing becomes difficult inside an airplane, the US company Teague announced the development of a device that would generate a kind of “invisible shield” that allows the air isolation of each of the occupants of the aircraft, in the space of your own seat.

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This device is called AirShield, a 3D printed component that attaches to the “service unit” above each passenger, which usually contains a reading light and a vent, from which air is sent downwards where is the occupant.

The main objective of this piece is to ensure that the respiratory droplets remain within the space of a single passenger and that they cannot be inhaled, for example, by the occupant of the seat on the side, reports CNN Travel.

How does it work?

“Similar to a hot air curtain used on store doors during the winter months, this laminar airflow profile creates a barrier around each seat that disrupts normal air circulation,” explains the developer. .

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“When a passenger breathes, coughs, or even sneezes, the water vapor is contained within the passenger space and is immediately redirected down and out of the cabin to the HEPA filter units, before it can enter personal space of a neighboring passenger ”, it is detailed.

The company recently received the authorization patent for AirShield, so it will now begin talks with airlines to discuss the option of installing the device on their aircraft.

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