iPhone SE: Apple announced its new cheap cell phone that will cost $399

The company’s economic model can be ordered from Friday, April 17 and will be shipped on the 24th, in the United States and in other countries

Although the details had already leaked, it was not known exactly when Apple was going to launch its new cheap phone, the 2020 version of the iPhone SE. Until today: the company published on its website that from Friday 17th it will be possible to pre-purchase and from the 24th of the same month it will be sent to those who acquire them. For now, it is available for the United States and other countries with official brand stores.

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The model looks like an iPhone 8, but has more modern specifications. The 128 GB version will cost US $449 and the 256 GB version US $549. The cheapest, at $ 399, includes 64 GB of storage. All will include a free year of Apple TV Plus and will be offered in three colors, white, black and red and will come with a 4.7 “True Tone screen.

The phone will also have a portrait mode, uses machine learning to detect depth and faces and includes optical image stabilization as well as support for 4K recordings at 60 frames per second. The front camera is 7 MP and also includes portrait effects.

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The rest of the features are the same as in the iPhone 8, so even the cases of that model will work for the brand new SE. This model comes with a 5w charger, but it will be compatible with 18w models, fast charging, in addition to being compatible with wireless charging. It does not have a headphone jack but it will come with a lighting adapter to a standard audio jack.

Like the 8, the new SE will have a Touch ID button, something that more advanced models, such as the iPhone X and those that followed.

Although it will integrate many of the options of the iPhone 8, it will not have support for 3D Touch technology. That could positively improve battery consumption. Apple indicated that it does have a haptic response for quick actions and context menus.

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