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IRS launched Portal to Verify Status of Stimulus Check

The IRS launched the Get My Payment portal for Americans to check the status of their federal stimulus checks.

The site accessible by visiting allows users to verify when and how to expect the stimulus funds that are part of a $ 2.2 billion rescue package approved in March.

The direct deposit of some payments began to arrive from the weekend.

The portal also helps people who need to change or add direct deposit information to receive the fastest payment.

The federal stimulus check will go directly to people who filed a tax return in 2019 or 2018, filed last year in 2019. If you have not yet received it, pending your bank account as it must be due soon.

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In order to use the portal, users will need basic information that includes their Social Security number, date of birth, address and postal code.

The check will go to anyone who has a Social Security number and has generated less than $ 75,000 in adjusted gross income. These will receive $ 1,200 while married couples who filed joint returns owe $ 2,400 if their adjusted gross income is less than $ 150,000. People with dependents under the age of 17 will receive an additional $ 500.

For those who earned more, the amount of encouragement is less. People who generated income between $ 99,000 individually or $ 198,000 as a couple who jointly filed taxes are not eligible for the stimulus funds.

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For those who present themselves as the head of the family with a child, the stimulus is reduced for people who generated an adjusted gross income of more than $ 112,500. If you made more than $ 146,500, you are not eligible for payment.

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