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Isekai Yakkyoku light novels could be adapted to anime

A leak revealed the internet domain registration (, which would be related to an animated adaptation of the light novels written by Liz Takayama and illustrated by Keepout, Isekai Yakkyoku (Parallel World Pharmacy). The information is pending confirmation.

Takayama and Keeptou began publishing the light novels through Kadokawa publisher’s MF Books imprint in January 2016. The publisher published the sixth volume in March 2018, followed by the seventh in July 2019 in Japan. The work also inspires a manga adaptation by Sei Takano, which has been published through the ComicWalker digital service since November 2016 in Japan.

Synopsis of Isekai Yakkyoku

After losing his little sister to an incurable disease, world-famous medical researcher Kanji Yakutani gave his all to cure patients by dedicating his life to inventing new drugs. After working to death at the age of 31, the former pharmacist wakes up as a 10-year-old whose body has been struck by lightning. He discovers that he has reincarnated in a medieval world as Falma, a son of the respected De Medici family.

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In a world where divine arts exist, magic bestowed through the blessings of the guardian deities, Falma realizes that her body houses the guardian deity of medicine. The child has been given the mythical divine arts of creation and reduction, as well as the ability to instantly diagnose diseases in people’s bodies.

He soon discovers the terrible state of medicine in this world: only the nobles can afford medical care, which is ineffective at best and harmful at worst. Using his modern knowledge and divine powers, Falma gradually made a name for himself as a pharmacist despite his young age, even gaining recognition from the imperial court. When he finally acquires a proper pharmacy of his own, he sets out to pursue his goal of improving medical care in the Empire of Saint Fleuve and making it accessible to all.

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