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It Is the Size Of an Adult Person: These Are the Dimensions Of the Largest Bat In the World

Recently, a photograph of the diadem bat went viral on social networks, causing a great impact due to its large size. This species of flying mammal lives in the Philippines and does not pose a danger to people or animals, since they feed only on fruits, especially figs.

The “Diadema” can measure up to 1.5 meters and weigh a 200 kilo. Its large size has caused it to be given names such as “flying foxes”, since the face and muzzle closely resemble that of that mammal.
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This species of bat is quite old and, in fact, is in danger of extinction, due to its intensive hunting to obtain its meat.

His Important Work In the Jungle

The diadem bat is an animal whose existence has been known since ancient times, but which was recently not observed. However, a few days ago a user posted on Twitter a photo in which one of these copies hung from a ceiling, and that was when the subject became a worldwide trend, especially due to its enormous size.

Its role in the rain forests of the Philippines is key for its pollinating activity, which is why it earned the position of “silent sower”. In fact, its seed distribution helps the forest regenerate each year. This means important protection for the area.

The huge bat has nocturnal habits, like the rest of its species, and can travel more than 40 kilometers in a single night, to find food.

As for their natural habitat, they prefer to be near lakes and streams for hygiene reasons, since they can fly near them and collect water, which they use for bathing and thus, go unnoticed by their enemies in the jungle.

According to experts, this gigantic species is only found in the Philippines and, until now, there are very few specimens of them.
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