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It Maybe Possible To Find Cleopatra’s Location

What Happened?

To the west of Alexandria, in Egypt, a team of archaeologists found two gold-covered mummies that would be linked to the ancient queen of that territory, Cleopatra.

The team led by Glenn Godenho of the University of Liverpool and Dr. Kathleen Martinez noted that the gold-covered bodies correspond to a man and a woman who may have a close relationship with the monarch of Ancient Egypt.

“Although now, after 2,000 years underground, they are covered in dust, at the time these mummies must have been spectacular. That they are covered in gold leaf shows that … they were surely important members of society,” Godenho explains to the British medium The Guardian.

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They Could Be Priests

One of the theories that takes more strength over who these people were, is that they belonged to some church of the time.

“The priests were key figures in legitimizing the power of the pharaohs, and most likely knew Cleopatra personally,” said Dr. Martinez, a well-known researcher who has spent years exploring the possible location of the tomb of the ex-queen of Egypt.

The mummies were found inside the Taposiris Magna temple, a place where many assure that Cleopatra may be buried.

Cleopatra’s Riddle

However, one of the most renowned researchers on Egyptian issues, Zahi Hawass, does not believe that the queen is in that temple.

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Last year he said the following: “I have never believed the theory that Cleopatra was buried there because the ancient Egyptians never buried anyone inside a temple. Temples were built to worship, and this was used to pray to the god Isis” , explained the Egyptologist.

However, an important number of ancient objects have been found in that place, among which is a stone with inscriptions that was a gift from Ptolemy V.

The scientific community has been behind the location of Cleopatra’s tomb, without having been successful. Therefore, this latest finding may revive the hope of many researchers who study the figure of the last queen of Ancient Egypt.

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