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“It’s like a horror movie”: Peru exceeds 3,000 dead and 100,000 cases of coronavirus

Peru, the second country in Latin America with the highest number of people infected with Covid-19, exceeded 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus on Wednesday and exceeded 3,000 deaths from the same cause, according to the Ministry of Health of that country.

The total number of cases reached 104,020 and the number of deaths reached 3,024, according to the new balance disclosed by the Ministry on Twitter, after nine weeks of national confinement in a country with its hospital capacity on the verge of collapse and its economy virtually paralyze.

The number of coronavirus cases – and deaths – tripled in Peru in relation to April 30, and relatives of the deceased and health personnel claim for the lack of equipment and medicines in public hospitals.

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“It is like a horror movie, inside (of the hospital) it seems like a cemetery for the corpses, the patients die in their chairs, (or) in wheelchairs,” nurse Miguel Armas, of the Hipólito Unanue hospital, told AFP from Lima, whose workers took to the streets this Wednesday to protest.

In Peru, there are 7,533 patients hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the new balance, while crematoriums in cemeteries in Lima work day and night to incinerate the deceased.


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