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Japan: A man is wanted for telling a student that ‘the moon was beautiful’

In Japan, Kagoshima Prefectural Police Department reported that at 8:40 p.m. on November 12, a high school girl was approached on the street of Kotobuki 5-chome, in the city of Kanoya. According to the statement, the suspect was a middle-aged man wearing black clothes.

The events were reported near Kotobuki Elementary School, the man called the student girl on his way from school to her home and said: «The moon is beautiful today». The peculiar complaint was shared in comment forums in Japan, where it inspired opinions such as the following:

«The criminal is Natsume Soseki», Referring to a popular Japanese novelist and poet; «Now can’t someone be told that the moon is beautiful because it is considered sexual harassment?»; «Is this man seriously now wanted by the police just for that? Shouldn’t they rather be concerned with other, more dangerous things?»; «If he had been an attractive boy, the conversation will surely follow. But this time it seems that he was an unattractive man” and “That he is an older man does not mean that he is a “suspect”».

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The first comment, which refers to the author Natsume Soseki, hides a deeper meaning behind. The background writes: «The fact is that in the vast majority of cases, “tsuki ga kirei” means “the moon is lovely.” Add a young couple strolling in a picturesque place, with no one else in sight, a mutual attraction that has never been verbalized, and it transforms into “I love you.”».

Keep going: “Also, the two versions look the same in their written version, but they don’t sound the same. Infatuation will affect the timbre of the voice, and there will be telltale pauses. The intonation will change, and the last word will become a sigh. The speaker will glance at the other person, as if stealing glances, to gauge the reaction, even while pointing to the moon. These performative aspects are also crucial to this linguistic alchemy.».

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Source: Otakomu

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