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Japan: A subject damaged the walls of a pachinko shop after losing too much

The Hokkaido Prefectural Police Department in Japan reported the arrest of a 69-year-old man after smashing several exterior walls of a pachinko parlor with a hammer.

The man is suspected of having smashed several exterior walls of a pachinko parlor near his home with a hammer at around 00:35 on July 31, and of having broken the windows and automatic doors of the parlor with a tool towards the 02:00 hours on August 28. Both incidents were reported to the police by the store after they occurred.

The man was arrested on November 15 after police suspected him during an investigation of security camera recordings in the area. During questioning, the man admitted that he was frustrated that he had been losing money on pachinko and the police are investigating more details of the crime.

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What is pachinko? It is a game system similar to pinball, combining a video system with the aforementioned game. The player buys a variety of steel balls, inserts them into the machine in the hope that they will fall into one of the available openings and win a certain amount of money or balls depending on the difficulty. Pachinko machines tend to frustrate some people who don’t even play them, as they are usually the “important announcements”From popular anime franchises.

Source: Yahoo! News Japan | Japan

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