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Japan: Adults commented on the reasons they still live with their parents

In Japan there is a compound term known as Kodomo-beya Ojisan (子 供 部屋 お じ さ ん), which emerged from the internet and is used to refer to an older adult who continues to live in his parents’ house while single. The Japanese portal Bengoshi conducted a series of questionnaires to find out the views of these people and those around them.

«Most of the people said that they had become “Kodomo-beya Ojisan” of their own free will. However, there were some who responded angrily, saying that they did not want to become that type of person and that it was unpleasant to be called that. “If you don’t want us to call you ‘Ojisan’, what circumstances have forced you to live with your parents?»Writes the article.

«I have to support and care for my elderly parents: “I’m what the world calls a ‘Kodo-Obaasan’ (that is, the female version), but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. My parents are old and sick and they need me to do the shopping once a week. ” This woman in her 40s has lived her entire life with her parents, who are in their 70s, in the family home where she was born. Their idea is to take their parents to a nursing home when they already need specialized care».

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«If you are not married, it is natural that you live at home all the time: A man in his 50s with parents in his 70s wondered: “Since when does being single mean having to leave the family home? In this age of three-generation families, isn’t it normal to live at home until you get married, or even to the end if you’re not married? My aunt and uncle also lived with their parents until they got married, so it seemed normal to me. If you are financially strong and do not know when your parents will need care, it is probably more appropriate to live at home “».

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«Coexistence due to illness or disability: A 40-year-old woman had to live with her parents because she was sickly and worked a low-paying job until she was 30. Now she is unable to work due to mental illness and lives with her parents, who are in their 70s. He says he was in the “ice age” of employment and was having a hard time finding a good job. “When I worked I put money in the house. My parents were very angry with me because I was the breadwinner. I did not become the breadwinner because I wanted to. It is because there is no work and the wages are too low “».

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«Based on economic reasons: We have featured a wide range of voices, but one thing many of them had in common was that they included financial reasons. The women mentioned above, who are unable to work due to illness or disability, have also chosen to live with their families to reduce the burden of living costs. A man who had lived with his parents for most of his life and bought his own home at age 50 says that when he was younger he thought he would always have wanted to live alone because he liked being alone. However, after weighing the costs of living alone against those of living at home, he chose to live with his parents and continue to support them financially.», Concludes the article.

Source: Bengoshi | Japan

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