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Japan: An idol forgot to turn off her broadcast while with her partner

Mizuho Sakamoto is a sixteen-year-old Japanese model affiliated with the representation agency StarRay (ス タ ー レ イ プ) in Japan, which currently went viral on comment forums due to a mistake it made during a live broadcast. Sakamoto ended his transmission but forgot to close it, and apparently placed his covered camera phone somewhere in his room. Later you can hear a man talking to her and kissing her who is apparently her partner.

The popular Twitter user @ takigare3 shared the recorded fragment of the live broadcast, accompanied by the following message: «TikTok idol Mizuho Sakamoto, 16, forgets to turn off the camera after a TikTok live broadcast and makes love to her boyfriend. Their fans are confused and post surprised comments when they suddenly hear the sound of kisses».

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But the story did not end there, trying to do damage control, Sakamoto posted an update on TikTok where he wrote: «It looks like my main Tik Tok has been hacked! I have noticed this thanks to your direct messages. I’m very sorry for the confusion caused by this, right now I can’t do much about it either». The same user shared this update with the following sarcastic message: «[Buenas noticias] The idol assures that “the transmitted audio was part of a hack.” Total innocence, confirmed virginity and a great victory for the fans».

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It should be noted that idols in Japan are considered “innocent and pure women“By his followers, so a fact of this caliber”puts on the tightrope”The career of an artist. Fortunately, it seems that this trend is disappearing, because more than disappointment its followers are quite surprised and the video is distributed more as a fun curiosity than as a criticism.

Source: Yaraon!

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