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Japan: Former idol Juna Yamada found guilty of fraud

A former female idol group member SKE48, who was convicted of defrauding cash by offering to teach money investments, has been sentenced to one year and six months in prison. According to the sentence, Juna Yamada23-year-old former idol group member SKE48, and members of an information product sales organization he belonged to, scammed three men out of around 2.5 million yen (about $ 22,100) in cash between January and February of last year stating that they were taught to invest in the financial product “binary options“.

Yamada used a pseudonym to sign up for a dating app and offered investment proposals to the men she met there. The Nagoya District Court, in its judgment of December 2, ruled that the company “had contracts signed at high prices without giving explanations or documents about the cooling-off period, and that the way it did so was systematic and organized, and that on the whole it was quite malicious“, but what “his (Juna Yamada’s) position was subservient, and he has deepened his sincere regret and apology“, And sentenced her to one year and six months in prison suspended for four years. The suspended prison means that it will only be applicable if you commit any other crime, but the damage to your professional career is incalculable.

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Ironically, in 2017, Juna Yamada became an auxiliary police officer for a day, as part of a special event. It should be noted that Yamada, born on May 25, 1998, participated within the idol group SKE48 as part of its sixth generation in March 2013, graduating from the group in February 2019. Obviously, since his arrest, his professional career had already been liquidated.

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