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Japan Launches Mobile App to Track and Register People with Coronavirus

What happened?

During Thursday June 18, Japan will have a mobile application to track people infected with the new coronavirus.

“This is an important tool to protect your lives, so please install it,” was the call made by the minister in charge of the pandemic, Yasutoshi Nishimura, during a press conference.

App will Record User Information

The application, which will be available on Friday, June 19, was developed under the direction of the Ministry of Health and it will record encrypted data from users’ smartphones using Bluetooth technology when people are close to each other.

Those who test positive for the coronavirus will register this information voluntarily, and this program will notify other users who have been at least 15 minutes away from the affected person.

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“This application does not record any personal data, such as mobile number or geolocation, so you can feel secure about it” says, government spokesman Yoshihide Suga.

This type of application, in different formats, has already been launched in dozens of countries, in some cases causing privacy inquiries and eventual surveillance by the authorities.

The use of these tools began in Asia, where China enabled various applications that used geolocation data through mobile or other networks recorded during train or plane trips, or when passing through checkpoints on motorways.

Precisely in China, where the Covid-19 emerged, its use has been key to start the lack of control.

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