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Japan: Motorcycle gang arrested seeking to ‘unify Kanagawa’

The Japanese portal All-Nippon News Network reported a peculiar situation where a gang of thirty-six motorcycle gang members were arrested after running a red light in Japan’s Kanagawa Prefecture. According to reports, the boys are part of a gang that seeks “unify Kanagawa Prefecture“.

«Thirty-six boys from a group of gang members calling themselves “Kanagawa Touitsu (Kanagawa Unity)” have been arrested. The group of motorcyclists ignored a red light and spun out of control. It should be recalled that in February last year, 21 boys between the ages of 16 and 17 were arrested on suspicion of violating the Traffic Law on 20 motorcycles in Kanagawa Prefecture, and another 15 were sent for questioning.».

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Keep going: “According to police, the two groups were acting out of control together. The boy who is the leader of the group says: “Let’s unite Kanagawa and make a group where no one can come against us!». The peculiar situation was shared in comment forums in Japan, where users could not avoid comparing this band with the Tokyo Manji Gang, from the franchise of Tokyo Revengers. Featured comments included:

«How can there still be idiots like this? Are you not ashamed?»,«Unify Kanagawa! Shizuoka Invasion!»,«All children dream of joining Kanagawa»,«I don’t know if they are fans of Tokyo Revengers, but breaking the law is not a good thing” and “I don’t know if it’s because of Tokyo Revengers, but isn’t the number of motorcycle gangs increasing? They make a lot of noise at night».

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