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Japan: Police recognized a teenage girl who helped a missing girl

On November 12 in Japan, a third-year high school student was praised by the police with a thank you letter, after she helped reunite a missing four-year-old girl with her parents last month. According to the police, Nanoha Kondo, 15, had left a local community center in the city of Narashino, Chiba Prefecture, where she was studying for her preparatory school entrance exams, to go eat at a nearby store when she saw a girl walking alone in the heavy rain and without an umbrella.

At first, Kondo thought that the girl’s parents must be nearby, but was concerned when he saw the girl walking toward Highway 357, a busy thoroughfare that was full of traffic at the time. Despite the girl being soaked from the rain, all the adults in the area walked past the girl without stopping to see if she was okay. When it looked like the girl was about to hit the road, Kondo stepped in to stop her, thinking, ‘It’s dangerous to leave her like this».

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Kondo said that the girl was so drenched from the rain that it looked like a bucket of water had been poured on her, and that her body was cold and her face was stiff. Kondo took off the jacket he was wearing and put it around the girl, asking her what her name was and if she was alright and if her family was around. The four-year-old only answered his questions with a “hmm“, So Kondo was concerned about the physical condition of the girl, took her by the hand and led her to a nearby police booth. As they walked together toward the police booth, the girl’s face seemed to perk up a bit, which was a relief to Kondo.

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According to police, the four-year-old girl had left her home without her parents knowing it a few hours before Kondo found her. The girl was returned safely to her parents, who had been looking for her, and police say the story might not have had a happy ending had Kondo not stepped in to ‘help with kindness and courage». The news was shared on comment forums in Japan, where it inspired views such as the following:

  • «The kindness and action of this high school student is wonderful. As for the adults around her, however …»; «She could help because she’s a high school girl. If a grown man had done it, he would not be praised, he would be treated as a suspect»; «If a man had approached him, he would have been treated as a suspicious person, so saving the girl’s life should be a woman’s duty»; «It’s hell for women when men sit idly by” and “It’s sad that children have to help each other because adults turn a blind eye».
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Source: SoraNews24 | Japan


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