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Japan: They point out that copycat figures are increasingly abundant on Amazon

A popular comment forum in Japan shared the listing on Amazon of a 1/7 scale figure based on the character Sagiri izumi of the franchise of Eromanga sensei. The entry emphasized that nowhere is it specified that the product is, in fact, an imitation, until someone reads the product’s specifications, one of which states:

«This product is only suitable for figure buffs who want to learn to distinguish and identify imitations. This is not an official product. Please note that this is not a genuine product. To buy the real thing, head to another store. Surely it would not be a suitable gift at Christmas either. This product is not suitable for collections, please be careful!».

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The description in question indicates that the listing is behind the fact that the product “is made for people to learn to identify imitations“Although this is not mentioned until someone starts to review the specifications. It should also be noted that the title of the product already gives all the specifications so that interested parties do not review the section in question, indicating the scale, materials and height of the product.

In the comments forum you can read opinions such as: «You try to make money by fooling non-collectors»,«It is not as if popular figures that have disappeared from the market are suddenly sold at a discount.»,«If you look on Amazon, you will see more and more of these»,«Before, Amazon was the only place to shop online, but now it has become a haven for scams and resellers.” and “The sample image used here is the original product, and in the end it is an imitation».

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Source: Otakomu

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