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Japan: This is what the room of a grown man who never became independent looks like

Since an article about the term “Kodomo-beya Ojisan (Kodooji)“, Which describes single adults who still live with their parents, a video-documentary produced in 2019 by the television station also went viral ABEMA Prime, where they visited the room of a person who meets this profile, and who commented on their background and future plans.

«The number of people who have never married in their 50s continues to rise in Japan, and about one in four men has never been married. The term “Kodomo-beya Ojisan (Kodooji)”, which refers to a middle-aged man who continues to live at home without leaving his parents, has been used in various media and has become a popular word on the Internet.».

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«One of them is Takeuchi-san (pseudonym), 41, who lives at his home in Kanagawa Prefecture with his parents, who are in their 70s. His room has not changed since his childhood. The room, which Takeuchi describes as “a library of my own history,” is filled with video games and strategy books from the 1980s and loose CDs from the 1990s, making it feel like a journey back in time. After graduating from college, he worked for a computer parts company, but quit at the age of 25. Since then, he has been producing adult video games in this room and selling them on the Internet».

«However, his annual income, including part-time work, is about one million yen (about $ 8,700). He finds it difficult to live alone and has to depend on his father, who is in his 70s and still working, for his expenses. Still, she says her parents have never asked her to leave. He usually lives with a tie and shirt, which his mother chooses, folds and prepares for him. When asked if this is because he was planning to work one day, he simply said, “No, it’s not that deep.”».

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«Regarding the term “Kodomo-beya Ojisan (Kodooji)”, which is considered a ridicule of this type of people, he commented: “I’ve never thought of it as hurtful. I’m sure it applies to me too, but I’ve never thought it would harm me. If I ever get married, I would like to continue living with my parents. I really don’t want to leave, though I would save on the rent“.

«On his future he commented: “I would like to buy a new house when I am rich, and of course I would move there with my parents. I’ve never stopped being with my parents since I was little, so it’s normal. I am sure that my parents will go through a lot in the future and I will be alone sometimes, but I will not leave my parents’ house. I know that I’ll be in this room until my last moment».

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Source: ABEMA Prime | Japan

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