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Japan: ‘Tsumugi’ was the most popular name among women this year

On October 27, the Japanese portal RECSTU (リ ク ス タ) published the “Annual Ranking of Names for Male and Female Babies – 2021“. The survey ranked the most popular names through its portal and through its application “Free Baby Naming“, Where parents in Japan can consult names for their future children, as well as review the etymology of the same. The information was collected from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.

The most popular male name for the year 2021 is “Haruto (は る と)“, Climbing from the twenty-second position achieved in 2020. The second place is occupied by the name”Hayate (は や て)“Maintaining the same position as the year 2020, and the third place is occupied by the name”Ao (あ お)“, Climbing from the eleventh position it held in 2020. Few popular characters can be listed by the name of”Haruto”In this year, beyond Haruto Amakawa, the protagonist of Seirei gensouki (Spirit Chronicles), although in the series it changes its name to “River“.

In the case of women, the name “Tsumugi (つ む ぎ)“Was in the first position, followed by the name of”Rin (り ん)“In the second position, with both repeating the same positions from the previous year. In the third position the name “Kokoro (こ こ ろ)“, Which has achieved the first position twice in the past. It should be noted that when hearing the name of “Tsumugi“It is almost impossible not to relate it to the adorable”Tsumugi Kotobuki” from K-On!Although it is not a certainty that she is inspiring all these future parents.


Source: Livedoor News | Japan

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