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Japan: Virtual YouTubers Designer Accused of Sexual Harassment

Through her official Twitter account, the independent Virtual YouTuber Kohaku Nene (琥珀 ね ね) reported that she has been being harassed by the designer of her three-dimensional model, which investigations by the community confirmed that it is the user of @ icemega5, who has worked with other Virtual YouTubers. His statement wrote (the Virtual YouTuber refers to herself in the third person):

«About the designer who commissioned Nene’s three-dimensional model. As a result of the repeated sexual images sent to Nene and the excessive messages sent by this person that are not related to the job in question, I have found it impossible to continue my relationship with the other party, and I will no longer be able to use the 3D models at all my activities, including posts on Twitter. I apologize for the trouble this release may cause to my followers, and to all those who were excited since the debut of my 3D model. I hope one day to be able to work with a modeling of this type again, so I also hope to continue counting on the support of all of you.».

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But the situation did not end there, another independent Virtual YouTuber by name Hourei Tenten (鳳玲 天 々), which belonged to the group Melty +, shared this post and pointed out that he went through the same problem. «It happened to me too, but at the time I didn’t want to talk about it publicly because I didn’t want to worry my followers. Before ordering the current model, I was approached by a modeler who said he was a fan of my work and wanted to support me, so I gave him permission to create a model.». He also added his own statement to his publication, in which he wrote:

«When I told that person that it was difficult for me to keep up with her due to the emotional burden she imposed on me, she made more threatening comments and became increasingly annoyed, and I finally decided to block her. When I found out there were other victims, I posted a tweet to help spread the word and prevent more victims from coming to light. 3D modeling costs a lot of money for Virtual YouTubers, so it’s really nice to have support. Many people will not say no, but be very careful, because some people will try to take advantage of this situation to satisfy their personal desires.».

Another independent Virtual YouTuber, Hanamori Healthy (花 守 へ る し), also reported that he went through this situation with the same person. «I am tweeting this with prior approval. I hope this helps reduce the number of victims. Before I asked Mina-chan to help me with the model, I used this designer’s model for a while, and the same situation happened».

Source: Otakomu

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