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Jason Momoa video calls and surprises a child Aquaman fan with cancer

The actor who plays the DC superhero has wanted to talk to little Danny Sheehan, who at the age of seven suffers from brain cancer.

It is common to see blockbuster Marvel or DC actors visit the real heroes of the real world: children in children’s hospitals who are thrilled to see the stars bring their favorite characters to life on the big screen. The last to brighten the day of a child with cancer was Jason Momoa, who surprised little Danny Sheehan, a huge fan of Aquaman, by video call.

Sheehan, seven years old and who has suffered from a rare type of brain cancer since he was four, starred last week in a video in which we saw him receiving a figure of the DC character, his favorite, and which soon became viral in networks. The video in question caught the attention of Momoa, who then wanted to contact his young fan via FaceTime.

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The actor has shared the moment on his Instagram account with a message in which he explains how everything has happened.

“I just wanted to thank the community, friends and family on Instagram for reaching out and teaching me this precious child, Danny, who is undergoing chemo and has cancer,” Momoa explained in the text. “I saw his video online and it made me want to get in touch with him, FaceTime him and chat for a bit.”

The interpreter has also used the post to encourage his followers to join in and help the little one together, before saying goodbye with a request to Warner: “Hey, Warner, let’s get Danny a trident from Aquaman.”

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In the video that Momoa has shared, we see the little boy tell the actor that he is “very excited” to meet him, before talking to him about the Aquaman toy and his love for dolphins. The actor then states that they should try to do something so that Danny can swim with dolphins at some point.

As we said, it is not the first time that ‘superheroes’ of the small and big screen take advantage of the stoppages of filming or promotions to cheer up little sick people. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, or Tom Holland, among many others, have also surprised their fans.

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