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Jennifer Aniston Calls To Wear a Mask With a Special Message

Since her arrival on Instagram in October 2019, Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston) has turned each of her posts into a source of millions of “likes” and thousands of comments.

Lately, the actress has taken advantage of the massiveness of her account, where she has more than 34 million followers, to refer to topics such as the coronavirus pandemic or anti-racist protests in the United States (Black Lives Matter).

On the last day, the protagonist of Friends published a message regarding the use of the mask in the wake of the pandemic since some US citizens, mainly Trump supporters, have alleged that the use of protection is a violation of personal liberties .

“I understand that face masks are uncomfortable, but don’t you think it’s worse for companies to close, to be laying off jobs, and for health workers to be completely exhausted?” Aniston said.

Then she added that “this virus has taken many lives because we are not doing enough … if you care about human life, use the damn face mask,” Aniston said in a photo where she appears wearing a black mask.
Her annoyance

This is not the first time that the actress has referred to the coronavirus. She already did it last May in a categorical photo making an obscene gesture to express her annoyance at the situation that COVID-19 is making her go through.



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