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Jon Gray: It’s a good time to sell assets

Jon Gray, president of Blackstone, has stated that his firm has been selling assets to take advantage of the liquidity of the market.

Listening to big investors is always a good opportunity to redirect our investments. Jon Gray, president of Blackstone , has declared in the last virtual conference of Bloomberg Invest Global that the firm with an investment of 684,000 million dollars has been selling assets to take advantage of the current liquidity of the market , according to Heather Perlberg in Yahoo Finance.

“Markets around the world have been pretty strong,” for stabilized assets, Gray said Tuesday at the aforementioned conference. While it’s generally an opportune time to exit some investments, he made it clear that he doesn’t think this is necessarily “the top of this market.”

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Gray echoed statements by Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management Inc., that it is a “very good time” to liquidate assets after the slow 2020 period due to the pandemic.

With the Federal Reserve in view of slowing down its bond buying program it could drive up rates in the long run and this would put pressure on prices. According to Gray, it is time to acquire companies that have great growth power.

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