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Jonas Neubauer, world champion of Tetris, dies

The community said goodbye to the 7-time puzzle World Championship winner

Today is a sad and difficult day for the gaming community, especially for those who belong to the competitive Tetris scene. Jonas Neubauer, renowned professional gamer and several times world puzzle champion, passed away.

The news was released this morning through his social networks. The 39-year-old died due to a medical emergency that occurred a few days ago. His friends, including other important players, regretted the news and dedicated a few words to him.

Official Tetris accounts also mourned his passing and spoke of the positive impact Neubauer always had on the gaming community. They also recognized his passion for video games and his legacy.

Jonas Neubauer was one of the best Tetris players

Neubauer was recognized worldwide after his victory at the 2010 Classic Tetris World Championship, where he was crowned the best puzzle player. The player demonstrated his great abilities in the following years, since in total he won 7 world championships.

His last victory was in 2017, but he remained active and even had an outstanding participation in the championships of recent years. Neubauer was a central figure for more players to be encouraged to play Tetris professionally, so there was a whole community around him.



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