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Jujutsu Kaisen Celebrates Halloween With Incredible Scary Poster For Jump GIGA

If there is a series enough ad hoc to Halloween time that is without a doubt Jujutsu Kaisen which is already more than ready to celebrate these holidays, as it showed how spooky the world of wizards can be with an amazing and terrifying poster for the Fall 2021 issue of Shonen Jump GIGA monthly magazine.

Currently the work Gege Akutami has started a whole new series of intense combats for Yuji Itadori who, in a similar way to what happened in the Shibuya Incident Arc, it only makes us think about Sukuna and if he could get up to take control and generate all kinds of chaos.

Something we first saw with the villain’s territorial expansion technique, Demon Reliquary, which opened a whole new and bizarre world full of twisted images, as shown in the incredible promotional poster of Jujutsu Kaisen in the new edition of the Jump GIGA.

The darkest territorial expansion technique of all | Photo: Jump GIGA

For those who do not have “the pleasure” of knowing it, the Demonic Reliquary territorial expansion technique is an innate territory built based on the molding of cursed energy, in which the Sukuna expansion environment takes the form of a Buddhist shrine full of corpses, configured in a way that serves to consecrate a demon like Sukuna himself.

The sanctuary has a ceiling full of demonic decorations, with skulls hanging in each corner, has large mouths on each side and is surrounded by bull skulls., without a doubt a bizarre description although suitable for these dates.

As for the effects of this technique; Once the territory is activated, anyone within 200 meters will be cut into pieces and this process will last until Sukuna decides to undo the expansion.
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What did you think of this poster of Jujutsu Kaisen for the Jump GIGA?

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