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Kanye West and His Candidacy: “If I Win In 2020, It Will Have Been God’s Appointment”

Kanye West believes God told him to run for President of the United States, the rapper revealed in an interview published on Wednesday in which he stated that he no longer supports Donald Trump and expressed doubts about the ability of Democrat Joe Biden to gain black voters.

In a broad phone conversation with Forbes magazine, the billionaire acknowledged that he missed the deadline to be on the ballot in several states, but said he will make a final decision on his application in the next 30 days.

“We have been talking about this for years,” West said of his presidential ambitions, referring to his two main supporters: his wife Kim Kardashian-West and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Less than four months from the November election, West surprised on Saturday when he announced on Twitter that he would challenge Trump. “Let’s see if the designation is in 2020 or if it’s 2024, because God appoints the president,” West told Forbes.

“If I win in 2020, it will have been God’s appointment,” he said.

Without giving details of his campaign, the hip hop star who wore a red cap with the inscription “Make America Great Again” – Trump’s motto – at a meeting in the Oval Office with the president in 2018, said he was no longer supports him.

“I’m taking off my red cap with this interview,” said West, 43.

However, he largely avoided criticizing Trump, except for his response to anti-racist protests that have shocked the country, fueling suspicions that the rapper’s eventual career would be a move to ruin Biden.

“The Black vote is Democratic is a form of racism and white supremacy,” West said, explaining that he was comfortable with diverting African-American votes from the Democratic candidate.

Observers have indicated that even if West weren’t on the ballot, a write-in campaign could harm Biden, particularly in hinge states where Trump narrowly won in 2016 but would now move to the Democratic side.

West, who revealed he became ill with covid-19 in February, said he is wary of vaccines as a solution because they have paralyzed “so many” children, a view that widely contradicts the scientific community.

“So when they say we are going to fix the Covid with a vaccine, I am extremely cautious,” he said. “That is the mark of the beast.”


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