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Kijin Gentoushou novels to get animated adaptation soon

A press release posted a promotional video for the release of the first compiled volume of the manga adaptation of Motoo Nakanishi’s novels, Kijin Gentoushou. The closing of the video confirms the production of an animated adaptation, without confirming the format of the project.

Motoo Nakanishi began publishing the novels through Futabasha Publishing House in Japan in June 2019. The publisher published the sixth volume on February 17, followed by the seventh on June 16 in Japan. The manga adaptation is in charge of Yuu Satomi (Kekkai no Noah, Mushihime, Yakedo Shoujo), and the first compilation volume will be released in Japan on September 9.

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Synopsis of Kijin Gentoushou

“Why do you wield a sword, human?” In the mountainous village of Kadono, six hundred miles from Edo, lived a shrine maiden named Itsukihime. During a mission to subdue a demon that lives in a nearby forest, Jinta, her bodyguard, meets a strange demon that speaks of the distant future. From the Edo period to the modern world, an epic centered on a demon who travels through time, questioning the meaning of conflict.

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