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Kojima Productions prepares an advertisement to celebrate its 5th anniversary

Hideo Kojima's studio will reveal some surprises for his fans very soon

Kojima Productions officially began its journey as an independent studio in 2015, after Hideo Kojima definitively parted ways with Konami. The developer’s first major project was Death Stranding , a title that debuted on PlayStation 4 and PC.

The future of Kojima Productions is a mystery for now, as there is only guesswork about its next game. We know that a major Kojima project fell apart , but the studio confirmed in October that he is officially working on something new .

For now there are no more clues in this regard, but this could change soon. Kojima Productions revealed today that they are preparing something to celebrate their 5th anniversary with their entire community. So he invited players to stay tuned, as there will be announcements very soon.


Through its social networks, the study confirmed that tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16, it will celebrate its 5 years as an independent developer. Kojima Productions recommended to his followers to be aware, as they will reveal important information.

The announcements will be made through the study’s social networks, at 11:00 PM, Mexico City time. For now it’s unclear if there will be any kind of revelation about the developer’s next project.

Kojima’s fans are excited, believing that the first details of the creative’s new game will finally be revealed. Other players think there will be news about Death Stranding and its arrival on PlayStation 5.

The reality is that we will have to wait to know the official information. Here we will have the coverage with all the details of the ads.

The last we heard from Kojima Productions is that he is probably working on a new horror title together with Junji Ito . However, there are also clues that the studio’s next project will be science fiction .

There are even theories that bet on the return of Silent Hill at the hands of Kojima Productions, however, nothing is confirmed for now. What is a fact is that the studio has plans to make manga, anime and movies .


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