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Kyoto Animation begins talks to erect a memorial to those killed in the attack

Kyoto Animation has started conversations with the families of the victims of the 2019 arson attack on how to remember the lives that were lost, focusing on the former First Study site, where the attack occurred, as a possibility for a memorial site. Some thirty families of the deceased attended. According to a representative of Kyoto Animation, the talks began on December 4 and neither of the families strongly opposed the construction of a monument on the former site of the First Study.

Following the demolition of the First Study in April 2020, the remaining area has been closed and left as a field. A representative of residents of Fushimi, the area in which the study was located, said in December 2019 that “if a lot of people keep visiting [el lugar], the peaceful life of the neighborhood residents will be destroyed“. While Kyoto Animation and families discuss how to use the old site and how to establish a memorial for the victims, two families were subpoenaed by NHK, with one family member saying that ‘They don’t know how the discussion will turn out, but I want to somehow preserve their name in the place where they had been working», And another member of the family explaining«a large number of people perished, so I hope that soon a monument will be built on the site as a place of remembrance». Kyoto Animation will continue to work with families and the neighborhood on what to do with the old site that can appease all groups.

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On the other hand, in October of this year it was reported that Shinji aoba, responsible for the attack, would be subjected to a new psychiatric evaluation to determine if he can be charged for his actions. Aoba’s psychiatric status is considered the biggest conflict in the case, as the verdict depends on whether Aoba can be held criminally responsible for what he is accused of having done.

Source: NHK

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