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League of Legends: Meet Viego, Deadly New Game Champion

Riot Games detailed the abilities of the dangerous Ruined King

Riot Games started the year with lots of news related to League of Legends. If you’re part of their community, you’ll be happy to hear that the company revealed a new champion for their MOBA.

We refer to Viego, an obscure character also known as the Ruined King. Ryan Mireles, executive producer in charge of champion development, introduced us to the character with a gameplay where we can see some of his abilities.

The creative said that Viego will be available soon on the test servers, so players will be able to test it before its official premiere, which is planned for sometime in January.

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How lethal Viego is, the new League of Legends champion

According to his official description, Viego is a character capable of “commanding the mist and dominating death.” There will be 3 other new champions this year related to the Ruined King and his story.

With Sovereign’s Dominion, Viego will be able to momentarily possess a defeated enemy champion. With this, the sinister character will recover life and will obtain the objects, attacks and basic abilities of the rival from him.

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